Income Report for December 2016

I’m making my income reports, including traffic numbers, public. That way, anyone thinking of starting something similar can see real world numbers. There are a lot of other sites sharing their income, so why does the world need another one?

I’m sharing the figures from month 1, which isn’t that common. Also, I can’t see many income reports from mobile app developers. So I’m hoping that this is something unique.

My hope is that these reports will inspire someone else to try something themselves. Please let me know if you think I can improve them. I’m always looking for ways to improve.

Current Status

December was a major month for me. On a personal note, I’ve been taking the opportunity to relax now I don’t have a full-time job. It was a lot weirder than I thought, but I’m very glad I did. December was the one and only month I’m going to do that though, so January will be full speed on this and job hunting.

The biggest thing was the release of my first ever app. Basic Pairs is never going to be a £10k/day earner, but it’s a major psychological event. I sat on releasing it for weeks, mainly through fear. Fear of what, I don’t really know. But I know that clicking the “release” button and getting the confirmation that it was accepted felt like a load was lifted off my shoulders.

I’ll be trying hard to not let fear control me again.

Hours this month

As always, I track the hours I’m spending on this project. It helps me track “return on investment” and highlights how much effort is required for something like this.

Topic Hours
Income Report for November 2016 2
Sharing Code between React.js and React Native 3
First Game Post Mortem 2
Dev Diary – Hangman in React Native – Part 1 6
Polish and publish Basic Pairs 6

Total Hours this month – 19

Traffic for December 2016

Audience Overview - December 2016

Audience Overview – December 2016

Only a very slight change this month. I think this site is currently consistently worth about 1000 sessions a month.

Audience Stats - December 2016

Audience Stats – December 2016

As analytics was broken for a third of last month, this isn’t that great to look at.

Acquisition Overview - December 2016

Acquisition Overview – December 2016

My new post on sharing code between React and React Native went straight to the top. It’s interesting that previous big pages are nowhere to be seen.

Page Views Top 10 - December 2016

Page Views Top 10 – December 2016

A nice increase in organic search.

Monthly Income

Description Value
AdSense £0.97
Chitika Ads £0.19
Chitika Referal £0
TsoHost Referal £0
Amazon Associates £0

Total Income £1.14

Monthly Expenses

Description Value
Site Hosting £1.25 (£14.99 a year)
Play Developer Licence £20.24

Total Expenses £21.49

Profit over time

Total Profit £1.14 – £21.49 = £-20.35

Income Over Time - December 2016

Income Over Time – December 2016


Best month yet income wise. If I didn’t pay for the Google developer account, I was only 11p down! I’m going to be trying hard to focus and produce more stuff in 2017. Hopefully my December 2017 income report will be vastly different!

Lessons learned this month

Releasing an app is trivial

The process to get an app on the Google Play Store is very simple.

Progress this month

Like every month, I set myself some targets in my previous income report.

  1. Update Basic Pairs so it’s out of the “functional but ugly” category – Success
  2. Try to get Basic Pairs on the play store – Success Basic Pairs
  3. Make a chrome extension for Meeting SuiteFail

I made a chrome extension, but it was nothing to get excited about.

Other things I achieved or I think are worth celebrating are:

  1. Added a “Games” and “Tutorials” page to the site so it’s easier to get to them.

Target for the next month

  1. Create a Hangman game for the web and android
  2. Join CodeCanyon and make BasicPairs available
  3. Investigate 3 open source React Native apps

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