Income Report for August 2016

I’m making my income reports public. That way, anyone thinking of starting something similar can see real world numbers. There are a lot of other sites sharing their income, so why does the world need another one?

I’m sharing the figures from month 1, which isn’t that common. Also, I can’t see many income reports from mobile app developers. So I’m hoping that this is something unique.

I also want to share how popular this site is. So I’m sharing my traffic information from Google Analytics. I’m hoping that will show you don’t need an incredibly popular site to make money, but that may be wrong.

Finally, I’ll be trying to set achievable targets each month. These income reports will track my progress against them.

My hope is that these reports will inspire someone else to try something themselves.

Please let me know if you think I can improve them. I’m always looking for ways to improve.

Current Status

Two months in and I’m still really enjoying myself. I can see how a lot of blogs stop getting updated, but I’m determined to not let happen here.

The big event this month was the completion of my first tutorial. In my July income report, I thought the challenge would be maintaining the visitor count. I think I was right! I had high hopes that this tutorial would bring in lots of visitors. But let’s just say the server this site is running on didn’t melt.

I’ve finished the app for a second tutorial and I’m about 60% of the way through writing it up. I would like to figure out a way of generating a little more traffic before publishing it.

Finally, I made my first ever WordPress Plugin. It’s for this site only at the moment. It uses React.js and I’ll publish a “how to” guide soon. You should see it at the top of every page, just click “Current Projects”. It’s quite a long way from user-friendly, but I enjoyed the learning experience. Perhaps one day it can become a source of income.

Speaking of which, I got accepted by the Amazon Associate Programs. PiiGirl over at was been kind enough to leave a comment suggesting I use Amazon’s Native Shopping Recommendation Ads. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me. I hope to figure out how to use the proper region for the visitor first. Anyone know how?

Hours this month

One of my targets for last month was to track the hours I spend each month. These aren’t 100% accurate as I forgot to start and stop timing sometimes. They are good enough for ballpark figures though.

Topic | Hours

Income Report July 2016 post | 2
Chitika and Paypal Setup | 1
Amazon Associates Setup | 1
Tutorial 2 – App | 9
Tutorial 2 – Blog Posts | 5
3 tips to stay motivated post | 4
Month’s Useful Links August 2016 | 1
WordPress Plugin | 6
WordPress Plugin post | 2

Total hours – 31 hours

Traffic for August 2016

Looking first at Audience->Overview. As you can see, not a great deal of difference compared with previous months. There is a slight uptake once I finished publishing my tutorial and announcing it.

Audience Overview - August 2016

Audience Overview – August 2016

Next up, on the same page, is audience statistics. More sessions, but less Pageviews and Pages/Session. Almost 47% of returning visitors. To be honest, I don’t know what these numbers mean yet. Another thing to research!

Audience Stats - August 2016

Audience Stats – August 2016

Looking at the top 10 most viewed pages. The small amount of marketing I did for the tutorial must have paid off. Last month’s income report also features. I hope that’s a trend that will continue.

Page Views Top 10 - August 2016

Page Views Top 10 – August 2016

Finally, the audience acquisition from Acquisition->Overview. Direct has overtaken referrals and I’m pleased to see that organic search is increasing.

Acquisition Overview - August 2016

Acquisition Overview – August 2016

Monthly Income

Description Value
Chitika Ads £0.10
Chitika Referal £0
TsoHost Referal £0
Amazon Associates £0

Total Income £0.10

Monthly Expenses

Description Value
Site Hosting £1.25 (£14.99 a year)

Total Expenses £1.25

Profit over time

Again, although I haven’t actually received the 10p from Chitika. I’m going to include it here.

Total Profit £1.25 – £0.10 = £-1.15

Income Over Time - August 2016

Income Over Time – August 2016


My income was 5 times as much this month. If I can do that every month I’ll be able to retire in no time at all! Joking aside, I’m pleased with the progress I made this month. I hope PiiGirl’s idea will turn into something too.

Lessons learned this month

Generating traffic and getting feedback is hard

I asked for feedback on Reddit, HackerNews and Discuss about the first tutorial. It generated some traffic (as you can see from the graphs above) but not loads. Someone also took the time to provide some nice and useful comments. But I admit, it was a lot less traffic than I dreamt of.

I’m spending a lot of hours on this project

I’ve spent over 30 hours this month working on this project. That doesn’t sound a lot, but it seems like it’s almost every spare minute. I either need to find more time or work better.

It’s definitely good to keep track of the hours. Although I’m ignoring the £s/hour I’m “making”!

Staying motivated and keeping going is most of the battle

I’ve read a few comments recently about this being the hardest part. I can’t argue. After posting [3 tips to stay motivated] I finished “The Power of Relentless by Wayne Allyn Root”. It’s a very motivating book if you’re thinking of giving up. I can’t recommend it at that price, but it appears to be free on audible. This man has had some major rejections but has been “relentless” and succeeded. 1621574105

Progress this month

  1. Publish 1 blog post a week – Success
  2. Publish a React.js tutorial series based on this Ember TutorialPartially Failed
  3. Publish my second app – Failed, but I created a WordPress Plugin instead
  4. Marketing
    a. Create a Facebook page and get 5 likes – *Failed, currently have … 1**
    b. Keep active on the other sites I’ve reached out to – Success
  5. Increase my twitter followers to 65 – Success, currently have 82
  6. Keep track of the numbers of hours I work on this site. Inspired by the income reports from

Things I achieved or I think are worth celebrating are:

  1. This site got added to Get. Post. Cookie’s Income Report Index.
  2. I haven’t given up yet. Despite setting my expectations way too high and falling massively short of them.
  3. This site received another load of comments. It’s always nice for someone to take the time to comment.
  4. I’ve almost finished the second tutorial series (#2 above).

Target for the next month

  1. Publish 1 blog post a week.
  2. Publish a React.js tutorial series based on this Ember Tutorial.
  3. Marketing
    a. Try and generate more traffic and feedback for this second tutorial
    b. Try to tweet something of value every single day
  4. Identify influencers and similar sites in the mobile app/react.js development space
  5. Publish a prototype (not a fan of ‘minimal viable product’) of my second app

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  1. Well done! In particular, with your progress, I see many successes. Carry on as you are doing!

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