Income Report for November 2016

I’m making my income reports, including traffic numbers, public. That way, anyone thinking of starting something similar can see real world numbers. There are a lot of other sites sharing their income, so why does the world need another one?

I’m sharing the figures from month 1, which isn’t that common. Also, I can’t see many income reports from mobile app developers. So I’m hoping that this is something unique.

My hope is that these reports will inspire someone else to try something themselves. Please let me know if you think I can improve them. I’m always looking for ways to improve.

Current Status

I broke Google Analytics for the first 10 days of the month. So the graphs below look a bit rubbish and I don’t really know where I stand. It’s not the end of the world, but slightly frustrating as my analysis is part guess work.

The main event this month was deciding to focus 50% of my time on making HTML 5 games. So far I have built a Basic Pairs game and plan to progress to more complex games as time goes on.

I have also decided to stop tweeting and pinning so much stuff. It simply isn’t driving traffic to the site. I’m sure there’s an argument that I’m doing it wrong, the content on this site isn’t good enough or something else. That’s fine, I’m all about ROI at the moment. Or more accurately, learning more stuff so I can get an income source.

Hours this month

As always, I track the hours I’m spending on this project. It helps me track “return on investment” and highlights how much effort is required for something like this.

Topic Hours
Income Report October 2016 2
New Plan Games Post 1
Pairs Game 25
componentWillReceiveUpdate Post 2
React.js Games – Basic Pairs Post 3
React TV Tracker Part 2 8
Updated Meeting Cost 2
Chrome Extension 3

Total Hours this month – 46

A nice lot of hours this month. I’m hoping this will increase in December and January as I’m no longer in full-time employment and plan to concentrate on this site a little more.

Traffic for MM YY

Audience Overview - November 2016

Audience Overview – November 2016

You can see the flat line at the start of the month where I broke analytics. I’m also lacking the big peak in the middle. But, ignoring the spike, for almost all days, the blue line is above the orange one. Progress.

Audience Stats - November 2016

Audience Stats – November 2016

Most of the stats are broke as I’m missing a 3rd of the data. Bounce rate is lower though, so lets hope that trend continues.

Page Views Top 10 - November 2016

Page Views Top 10 – November 2016

HTML 5 games was clearly a good thing. They’re new pages this month and they’re already in the top slots. I did promote them a little though, so that definitely helps. Perhaps I should spend more time “marketing”.

Acquisition Overview - November 2016

Acquisition Overview – November 2016

And this is why I’m putting a stop to the time I’m spending on twitter and pinterest.

Monthly Income

Description Value
AdSense £0.27
Chitika Ads £0.02
Chitika Referal £0
TsoHost Referal £0
Amazon Associates £0

Total Income £0.29

Monthly Expenses

Description Value
Site Hosting £1.25 (£14.99 a year)

Total Expenses £1.25

Profit over time

Total Profit £1.25 – £0.29 = £-0.96

Income Over Time - November 2016

Income Over Time – November 2016

Another record month! Shame it’s only a few pennies above last month. I’m also expecting this to take a big drop when I try to deploy my first app. $25 developer licence is huge in comparison!


The daily average traffic to this site is increasing. I’ve had about the same number of page views as last month but haven’t had a single post smashing all records. That’s got to be a good thing as I can’t expect to produce something that resonates with people every month.

Income has also increased again, but only just. I have a long way to go to hit the first year plan of £10/month profit.

Lessons learned this month

Don’t tweak the live site

I broke Google Analytics as I was playing on the live site. I need to setup a staging or development site somewhere so this can’t happen again.

Having a Focus is Great

Up to now, I’ve been playing with whatever I wanted. It was fun, but the output wasn’t great. Now that I have a focus on HTML 5 games, I can build a backlog of work and focus. My productivity has increased and I feel happier about things.

I need to apply this to the other 50% of my time ASAP!

Progress this month

Like every month, I set myself some targets in my previous income report.

  1. Publish my pairs game as a web app – Success
  2. Port my pairs game to a React Native app – Success
  3. Try to get the pairs game on the play store – Failure – I want to make a few more tweaks before I try
  4. Publish 2 parts to my third tutorial series – Failure – I worked on two, but only published 1

Things I achieved or I think are worth celebrating are:

  1. I resigned from my full-time job. I was coasting and that’s not what I want from life.
  2. I created a mailing list for my HTML 5 games and got some subscribers

Target for the next month

  1. Update Basic Pairs so it’s out of the “functional but ugly” category
  2. Try to get Basic Pairs on the play store
  3. Make a chrome extension for Meeting Suite
  4. Start my next HTML 5 Game

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