Income Report for January 2017

I’m making my income reports, including traffic numbers, public. That way, anyone thinking of starting something similar can see real world numbers. There are a lot of other sites sharing their income, so why does the world need another one?

I’m sharing the figures from month 1, which isn’t that common. Also, I can’t see many income reports from mobile app developers. So I’m hoping that this is something unique.

My hope is that these reports will inspire someone else to try something themselves. Please let me know if you think I can improve them. I’m always looking for ways to improve.

Current Status

January has been a funny month. I successfully managed to get something on CodeCanyon, but I didn’t achieve much else. Unfortunately real life got in the way and most of my energy was spent trying to find a job.

I made “good” progress on Hangman, but it’s not ready to be released to the outside world.

I also managed to study a couple of open source React Native apps, and

Hours this month

As always, I track the hours I’m spending on this project. It helps me track “return on investment” and highlights how much effort is required for something like this.

Topic Hours
Income Report for December 2016 1
CodeCanyon 2
Hangman + Posts 10
React.js TV Tracker Tutorial 5

Total Hours this month – 18

Traffic for MM YY

Audience Overview - January 2017

Audience Overview – January 2017

Looks about the same to me.

Audience Stats - January 2017

Audience Stats – January 2017

But there’s actually a pretty good increase in the number of users and sessions.

Page Views Top 10 - January 2017

Page Views Top 10 – January 2017

It’s a shame that the tutorials aren’t near the top. Perhaps there’s something to learn there. They are the hardest posts to write, yet aren’t very popular.

Acquisition Overview - January 2017

Acquisition Overview – January 2017

Direct and Organic search has seen a big increase. Social has taken a dive as I’ve only shared 1 of my posts on Reddit. That’s a lot less than I normally try.

Monthly Income

Description Value
AdSense £0.19
Chitika Ads £0.19
Chitika Referal £0
TsoHost Referal £0
Amazon Associates £0

Total Income £0.38

Monthly Expenses

Description Value
Site Hosting £1.25 (£14.99 a year)

Total Expenses £1.25

Profit over time

Total Profit £1.25 – £0.38 = £-0.87

Income Over Time - January 2017

Income Over Time – January 2017

Back to negligible amounts of loss.


Not a great deal to report. Unsurprisingly, putting little effort in doesn’t help.

There’s a nice increase in overall sessions (18%), but ad revenue has dipped a little. But with such low numbers, there’s no point analysing it further.

Lessons learned this month

Finding a Contract Job Takes Time

Celebrating getting your first contract takes equally as long 😉

Progress this month

Like every month, I set myself some targets in my previous income report.

  1. Create a Hangman game for the web and android – Failure – not quite
  2. Join CodeCanyon and make BasicPairs available – Success
  3. Investigate 3 open source React Native apps – Success

Things I achieved or I think are worth celebrating are:

Nothing relevant to this site.

Target for the next month

I’m struggling here. I’ve started a new job so don’t have anywhere near the time I used to.

  1. Create a Hangman game for the web and android.
  2. Settle into a routine where this site gets some attention.

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