Income Report for March 2017

I’m making my income reports, including traffic numbers, public. That way, anyone thinking of starting something similar can see real world numbers. There are a lot of other sites sharing their income, so why does the world need another one?

I’m sharing the figures from month 1, which isn’t that common. Also, I can’t see many income reports from mobile app developers. So I’m hoping that this is something unique.

My hope is that these reports will inspire someone else to try something themselves. Please let me know if you think I can improve them. I’m always looking for ways to improve.

Current Status

Happy beyond belief that I’ve made money online from software that I have written. Yep, you read that right, this site has finally made money from something other than adverts. Not a lot, but my first sale on CodeCanyon was completed. The one sale was only worth £4.99, but we all have to start somewhere. The trick will be to repeat it!

I’ve also treat myself to a new MacBook Pro. I won’t be putting that down on the balance sheet for this site, as it’s a huge cost

Finally, I’m slowly managing to spend more time on this project. Nowhere near the hours I was once working, but more than the 0 from last month.

Hours this month

As always, I track the hours I’m spending on this project. It helps me track “return on investment” and highlights how much effort is required for something like this.

Topic Hours
Income Report for February 2017 1
Setting up the MacBook 15 hours

Total Hours this month – 16

Traffic for MM YY

Audience Overview - March 2017

Audience Overview – March 2017

None of my pages made it on reddit or alike this month, so no big spoke. Virtually the same as last month.

Audience Stats - March 2017

Audience Stats – March 2017

Also almost identical to last months.

Page Views Top 10 - March 2017

Page Views Top 10 – March 2017

Again, continuing the trend of informational pages being viewed more often than tutorials.

Audience Overview - March 2017

Audience Overview – March 2017

Monthly Income

Description Value
AdSense £0.59
Chitika Ads £0.01
Chitika Referal £0
TsoHost Referal £0
CodeCanyon £4.99

Total Income £5.59

Monthly Expenses

Description Value
Site Hosting £1.25 (£14.99 a year)

Total Expenses £1.25

Profit over time

Total Profit £5.59 – £1.25 = £4.34

Income Over Time - March 2017

Income Over Time – March 2017

What a lovely uptick. I hope another positive month appears before too long!


First ever month of profit! Ad income is also on the rise.

Visitors have dropped slightly this month, but as I’ve put in zero effort, I can’t be shocked.

Lessons learned this month

It is an absolutely amazing feeling to see your first sale through.

Progress this month

I didn’t set myself any targets this month as I was in no position to achieve anything.

Target for the next month

This month I’m only going to set myself 2 hopefully very achievable ones.

  1. Finish setting up the MacBook so I can develop both iOS and Android React Native apps.
  2. Update my single Code Canyon release to be both iOS and Android.

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  1. Gin Gin says:

    Hello, I am beginner about React Native, and want to make a game with it. I read your tutorial, and it very great.
    Hope you have many tutorials to create App or Games with React Native.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Thank you for commenting. Good luck with your game, let me know when it’s done.

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