Month’s Useful Links – June 2016

As much as I’m trying to earn a second income from MyAppIncome, it’s also a way for me to learn new things. I’m sharing the month’s useful links. I’ll be using this for reference, hopefully it’s useful to someone else too

Monthly Reading – June 2016

In no particular order, this month I found the following useful/interesting

How to style forms with Bootstrap
The best explanation I could find about the options you have for styling forms with bootstrap was Very clear, succinct and provided great examples.

I’m going to publish a blog post on forms with React at some point. Something about controlled components and the boilerplate required didn’t sit well with me. For now, I’m using to obtain a simple object of the values entered.

Pete Hunt How To Learn React
I got bogged down with analysis paralysis while trying to decide how to style my React app “correctly”. I read way to much about using normal CSS, inline-css and eventually css-modules going down a nice side trip into material-ui vs elemental ui vs react-toolbox vs react-bootstrap.

Thankfully I remembered Pete Hunt’s great guide on what to learn. Keep it simple until you start having problems. Recommended reading

React snippets in VSCode
I use Visual Studio Code for my development, saw a tweet about creating snippets and found Lots less typing now!

WordPress sitemap.xml 404
I was having a bit of trouble trying to generate a sitemap.xml. I was getting a 404. Re-submitting my permalinks settings, like recommended seemed to do the trick.

Reactjs-training PinToBottom
It is always good to test your skills. So when Reactjs-training provide the opportunity for free, I leapt at it. The first problem was about adding a PinToBottom component. I managed to get it partially working, as I couldn’t get an elegant way to cope with the user scrolling back up. The solution showed me how. I highly recommended these two, especially the videos.

React Lifecycle Events
The first search result was really good I’ve not used the majority of these so far but wanted to read up on them first.

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