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This post is going to be another short one, as its purpose is to document the new plan. These types of post typically see very little visitors, but that’s fine. I’m happy to document my path to success as much as things that are successful.

This site is a warts and all account of my journey to making money from mobile apps. So far, the audience has been tiny, although increasing. Likewise for the income.

I’ve been trying to many different things.

Jack of all trades, master of none

Time to focus on a plan, at least for a couple of months.

New Plan

To focus my mind, yet hopefully prevent me getting bogged down, I’m going to split my time in 2.

Half 1 – Games

I’m not talking about first person shooters or the next Gran Tourismo. These games won’t crazy level of particle physics. Just simple, stuff. I plan to:

• Create a web app of a game
• Port that game to React Native
• Write a blog post about the experience
• Make the source code available

I’m more than aware that the likelihood of me making a hit mobile game is tiny. Yes, I would like a massive hit and all the glory that comes with it. But my dream isn’t a hit game. My dream is that someone finds this site useful while I learn a new skill. Simple.

Sign-Up For Updates

I’m planning to create ever more complex games. For each game I want to create a blog post explaining any new techniques. I also plan to release the source code, but only to those who sign-up to my Game Development mailing list. You’ll also get access to any updates I make when I add new features.

The source code is then yours to do with whatever you like. Want to re-skin the app and publish it in the app store feel free. I’d love to hear how you use my stuff.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please sign-up for updates.

* indicates required

Half 2 – Everything Else

The other half of my time is going to spent on any other ideas I have. I’m thinking tutorials, things I’ve learned, components I’m trying. Just the stuff I find from pushing myself.

I plan to work in 2 week sprints.

Why The Change?

Being Brutally Honest With Myself gave me a kick up the rear. Like many people, I dreamt of making games. Years ago I learned XNA but gave it up as it was being scrapped. I then found out Stardew Valley is written in XNA. Mass feelings of shame.

I’m still learning the ropes but I consider myself a decent developer. I’ll never be the best in the room, but I’d like to think I can hold my own. Unfortunately, my room is empty as I’m going at it alone.

So I asked on Reddit What is your preferred way of learning? and EpicKeys hit the nail on the head. EpicKeys made me realise that unless I have a fixed target, I achieve very little.

So I created the above plan.

Who knows if it’ll work out.

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