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This site has a new focus, for half of the time, game development. This is announcing my first app from that focus, React.js Games – Basic Pairs.


As this is the first post, I want to give a little bit of background.

So why am I doing this? I realised that in my pursuit for extra income, I was spreading myself too thin . Trying to produce something for lots of different audiences is almost impossible. It was wearing me down and achieving nothing.

Yes, the site is about trying to make money from mobile apps. But over the last couple of weeks, I’ve realised that the journey is as important as the result. I enjoyed making the tutorials and was on cloud nine when I heard from someone that they liked my site. Someone even said they liked my writing style and they’re learning from me. #chuffed

Ultimately, with this new approach, I would like to achieve two things:

  1. Learn how to make games for the web and mobiles
  2. Help you learn how to make games for the web and mobiles

That simple. If I make some money off the games I put in the app store, then I see that as a reward for sharing. If it helps someone else release something to the app store, I’ll be very happy. Please let me know if that happens to you.

When you learn something, blog about it. People admire and trust those who educate others.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, sign-up.

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I’m planning to create ever more complex games. For each game, I want to create a blog post explaining any new techniques. I also plan to release the source code. Only those who sign-up to my Game Development mailing list will get the code. You’ll also get access to any updates I make when I add new features.

The source code is then yours to do with whatever you like. Want to re-skin the app and publish it in the app store feel free. I’d love to hear how you use my stuff.

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Why Pairs?

We have to start somewhere. Last time I looked into game development – cough 7 years ago cough – I read that you should start simple and build up. It’s the approach I’ve taken so far with React.js, and it seems to be working, so why change.

Why pairs in particular?

  1. It’s simple to play, yet complex enough to be a challenge;
  2. There are no complex timing loops. The events happen in a certain order;
  3. It doesn’t have any “physics” for detect collisions, like pong or knockout.
  4. There are lots of examples out there. So I have lots of inspiration/places to steal ideas from.

There are also quite a few things we can add to our app that I haven’t done before and doesn’t really belong to a game. For example social logins, adding adverts, adding analytics etc. So if we get stuck for features to make the game better, we can still learn stuff that we can use in any app.

Progress So Far

So far, I think I’m making good progress. The code runs on both a React.js web app and an Android React Native app. The vast majority of the code base is shared too. If I had a Mac, I’m sure I could get it to run on a IOS device too.

The web app can be played here The react native app isn’t in the app store yet, but once it is, I’ll update this post.

I think it’s fair to say that it’s more functional than pretty, but we all have to start somewhere.

So far, we have the following features:

  • Single player only
  • Nice animations on the card flipping
  • Level Select
  • Configurable board dimensions
  • Card position is randomised
  • Animated Star Rating on game completion
Basic Pairs So Far

Basic Pairs So Far

I plan to add more things to it.

## Conclusion

I’m excited about this. MyAppIncome will have a focus and I can finally get an app built. There is also a tonne of potential, even for the simplest of games.

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