The Plan for 2016

In the previous post, why this site exits, you can see that I’ve set myself a target to earn an extra £10/month. Here’s my rough plan on how to achieve it.

Possible Income Streams

Confession time! Although I’m a software engineer, I don’t work in the mobile space so don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I certainly have no idea about marketing and making money online, but I’m hoping I can get some small income from the following:

1. The Apps
As the apps are going to be pretty simple to start off with, I don’t expect to make much money off them. But I hope I can get some downloads to not lose interest!

2. Ads
As you can see (unless you have an adblocker) there are ads on this site. I’ll be putting ads in all the apps too and I expect them to be the main source of income for the year. I’m planning to share a lot of the stuff I learn and build a small audience.

3. Affiliate Links
There are affiliate links on this site. I have an awful lot to learn over the course of the next year, so I imagine I’ll be adding more links to things that have helped.

Types of App

For the near term, I’m aiming low by building some simple apps that solve my own problems. Once I’m confident in my abilities, I’m aiming to build educational apps. I have a 6 year who is learning the basics so have a strong investment in this area.


I’ve been using React.js for about 6 months and love it, but my background is in .NET. With Microsoft recently buying Xamarin I’m torn between that and React Native. I imagine I’ll end up trying both. 

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