I post the stuff I learn in the form of tutorials. I’m hoping someone else finds it useful, but also because I love this quote:

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.
Albert Einstein

Tutorial 1 – React with Redux GitHub Trending Repositories

Aimed at a React.js beginner, this tutorial introduces Redux and Redux-Thunk. The end result is a single page which search GitHub for the top 10 trending repositories of the day, filtered by language.

Trending GitHub - Part5 - Search for Java

Trending GitHub – Part5 – Search for Java

  1. Introduction, setup and add a Header component
  2. Add static data to Redux
  3. Display the static data nicely
  4. Load data from an API during application start
  5. Add a Search Button

Tutorial 2 – Rock and Roll React

Still aimed at the beginner, this was slightly more complex than tutorial 1. It introduces:

  • Performing one or more CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations
  • Building an app with more than 1 page using React Router v3
  • A slightly more complex UI
Rock and Roll React - Part 3 - Finished App

Rock and Roll React – Part 3 – Finished App

It’s based off an existing Ember Tutorial with the hope that Ember.js users, as well as React.js beginners, could get some use out of it.

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