Useful Links from August 2016

As much as I’m trying to earn a second income from MyAppIncome, it’s also a way for me to learn new things. I’m sharing the top links I’ve come across each month. I’ll be using this for reference and I’m hoping it’s useful to someone else too

Missing Google Fonts
I realised that this site wasn’t displaying italics. had the answer.

I’m not an “expert” (whatever that means) client side, single page app developer…yet. I was aware of a client side router and had a rough idea of what they are. But reading about something and actually using it are two different things. opened my eyes to a few things, in particular, nesting routes. The penny dropped when the top level component was described as an “app frame”. In .NET land, that’s equal to a layout page or master page depending on how far you go back!

Listening and Disagreeing advice
A non-technical article! And one on a controversial topic. But let me explain.

I wanted to seek feedback on my GitHub Trending Repos tutorial. As I planned to get it from Reddit and HackerNews, I didn’t expect to receive positive feedback! I admit, I used to struggle to receive feedback of any kind, so was a little worried. I considered staying in my own little bubble. I then read this post,, and was struck by this sentence:

Our Facebook feeds are littered with articles, posts, and images from all types of people. For some of us, this is difficult to handle, so we edit out the ones we disagree with until our feed looks more like an echo board our of own thoughts.

I will try hard to listen to any feedback and seek more comments rather than just disagreeing. Definitely worth a read!

More ES6 reading I don’t like the super() calls but it’s nice to know it’s there, changing and being thought about.

Functions as Child Components This did the rounds on twitter (and I presume elsewhere). Some heavyweights in there, so it’s great to see their thinking.
Just when you think you’re getting it, something comes along and blows your mind. I just about got my head around this.props.children and this pops up.

Chaining Actions in Redux
I wanted to create a new band and then navigate to it. I didn’t know how until I read

The Freedom Ladder by Justin Jackson
Another thing that did the rounds on twitter. Fantastically motivating. Very much in theme with my recent tips on staying motivated post. Overnight success takes years!

WordPress debugging
While trying to figure out creating a WordPress plugin using React.js I wasn’t getting very useful error messages. should be how.

WordPress Plugin Development
I was completely overwhelmed by the options available to WordPress developers. Do I want an action, hook, filter etc. came to the rescue, within minutes I had some text appearing inside my theme. I have a long way to go, but this explained things nicely. NB. I know next to zero PHP.

CSS Positioning It’s been a while since I’ve done CSS, so this was just a small reminder.

Progress Bar in ReactI wanted a progress bar for my React.js plugin. You can hopefully see it at the top of this page (click “Current Projects”). was easy to add and it worked the first time.

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