Month’s Useful Links – July 2016

As much as I’m trying to earn a second income from MyAppIncome, it’s also a way for me to learn new things. I’m sharing the top links I’ve come across each month. I’ll be using this for reference, hopefully, it’s useful to someone else too

This month there are mostly technical links. I’ve learned a lot about ES6, React and Redux.

Redux – Async Actions
This month was the first time I went beyond the basics of Redux. I used the Redux documentation to get my head around Async Actions. If you’re trying asynchronous actions with Redux, start there.

ES6 Generators
An alternative approach to redux-thunk is redux-saga. This uses ES6 Generators which is not something I’d ever used. Turns out there is a similar technology in C#. In my mind generators are now like the C# yield keyword. was the site I used to gain this opinion.

ES6 Export and Import
I’ve been using export and import in my React apps for a while. But I didn’t understand the mechanics behind it. This led to a couple errors where I’d use brackets wrong. I finally learned what and why I was supposed to use from

More ES6 goodness
This was the best ES6 guide I could find

React Loading Component
I needed a way to show the use I was fetching the data in my [GitHub Trending Repos[(link) tutorial. The simplest I could find was

React and jQuery
While looking for loading components, I found a few jQuery examples. I realised I didn’t know how to integrate the two , but now I do

Redux Experience popped up in my inbox. I’m not using most of these things. I still have lots to learn!

Avoid React Mixins
This was all over twitter so was an obvious read.

Higher-Order Components
Avoiding Mixins lead to Higher-Order Components. I knew what they were, but couldn’t figure out where and when to use them. solved that with a couple of examples. Fantastic!

Analytics and Redux
Getting ahead of myself slightly, but it’s good to understand your users. I’ve added a Google Analytics call to Meeting Cost but the technique wouldn’t scale. Turns out it can be done with Redux

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